Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

BY ON Jan 28, 2013
Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would collate all the activities we have done so far here on learning4kids.


[h2 border style2]STRAWBERRY SCENTED VALENTINE’S DAY PLAY DOUGH [/h2 border style2]

Strawberry Scented Play Dough

To inspire creativity and the imagination set up a hands-on play dough activity with bright red play dough with sugar heart sprinkles and decorative heart shaped tooth picks. Read more…..


[h2 border style3]HEART SHAPED PAPER CHAINS  [/h2 border style3]

Heart Shaped Paper Chains


Heart Shaped Paper Chains are so much fun and super easy to make.  They are a great activity to do with the kids this valentine’s day and use them to decorate their bedroom, play area or classroom with.  Read more…..


[h2 border style2]HEART FLOWERS [/h2 border style2]

Heart Flowers

Making craft heart flowers in a vase is an activity that you could do with the kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a special gift to give or a pretty decoration. Read more…..


[h2 border style3]BUBBLE WRAP HEART PAINTING [/h2 border style3]

Bubble Wrap Heart Painting

To keep with the theme of Valentine’s Day why not try this paint printing activity with bubble wrap and red and pink paint.  The bubble wrap is cut into different size heart shapes which are used to create painted heart prints on paper.  The painted artwork makes a perfect gift wrap paper for valentines.  Read more…..


[h2 border style2]HEART TISSUE PAPER WINDOW COLLAGE [/h2 border style2]

Heart Tissue Paper Sticky Contact Collage

Create a Heart Tissue Paper Sticky Contact Collage with cut out heart tissue paper pieces and clear contact attached to a window.  When the sun shines through it shows the different shades of reds and pinks created by overlapping the tissue paper.  Read more…..


Eye spy with my little eye…….other FABULOUS Valentine’s Day activities I have found around the web!!

Click on the links to take a look!!

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp by Rust and Sunshine

Lollipop Flowers Valentine’s Day Card by Spoonful

Roller Painting by Artful Child

Homemade Heart Sponges by Learn Create Love

Valentine’s Heart Scented Tied Pillow by De Tout Et De Rien

Musical Hearts by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas


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4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids”

  1. So many great ideas here for Valentine’s. Thanks. Will be linking them up at the site very soon.

  2. Penny says:

    I think the heart flowers are my favourite! So preddy!

  3. Amie says:

    Oh the just look so enticing all collated together 🙂 I’m going to give the scented playdough a whirl!

  4. Jode says:

    Such lovely, pretty ideas…hope all is good on your side of the world lol xxx

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