Paper Mache Trees for all the Seasons

BY ON Feb 12, 2012

Paper mache trees are a great activity for demonstrating the environmental changes in trees throughout the seasons.

Our paper mache tree is used throughout the year with my kids, it makes a great accessory or prop to use in the classroom, bedroom or play area and imaginative play.


[h2 border style2]Summer: [/h2 border style2]


In the summer time, when there is much sunlight and the days are warm and long, the leaves will produce a lot of green chlorophyll.  There are other colours in the leaves, but the green colour is the most dominant.  Trees are fuller and covered with more leaves.  It is also a time when apples are developing and growing.

We have created our summer tree using dark green streamers wrapped around the branches to create the fullness affect and cut out green paper leaves.  The apples are made with scrunched up red crepe paper into balls.


[h2 border style3]Autumn/Fall:   [/h2 border style3]


As the days become shorter and colder, the leaves stop making green colour and then the other colours become more dominant and they begin to fall to the ground.

We have created our autumn tree using cut outs of leaves coloured in the autumn tones.  You could also use coloured dyes or paints to create these leaves.

You could also go on a nature walk to collect the autumn leaves that have already fallen to the ground and use them on the paper mache tree.


[h2 border style2]Winter: [/h2 border style2]


The growth of leaves slow right down but do not die.  There are already the next year’s leaves waiting in tiny buds for the warm spring sun.

Our winter paper mache has been created using cotton wool balls unfolded and laid on top of the branches and floor.  In the part of Australia where I live, we do not get snow here so our paper mache winter tree is just left bare with no leaves or snow.


[h2 border style3] Spring[/h2 border style3]


As the days grow longer and warmer the buds will begin to open and the new leaves will begin to grow and blossom.  The chlorophyll starts the cycle of pigmentation of green in the leaves.  The signs of life begin to reappear with a rich source of foods for bird life, insects and animals increase.

Our paper mache spring tree has been covered with scrunched up pink crepe paper to resemble blossoms.


Click here to view how we made our Paper Mache Spring Tree in more detail.


[h2 style1]Here are some other ideas of what you can do with your paper mache tree [/h2 style1]

  1. Great imaginative play prop – use it as part of a scene or part of a story.
  2. An indoor picnic under the tree with a blanket and pretend play tea set.
  3. Decorate it with tinsel and baubles for Christmas. To view this activity in more detail click here
  4. Use our Apple Sight Word Cards and stick them onto the tree as an activity to learn your sight words.


Click here to see the full instructions on how to make a paper mache tree.

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