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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Photo Puzzles

A Homemade Father’s Day Gift Idea: Father’s Day here in Australia is on Sunday 2nd September and my girls and I have been making some homemade Photo Puzzles using large pop sticks/paddles.

It was so much fun and exciting for my girls to create their very own personal gift for their Dad.  It is a great gift that I believe keeps giving as my girls and their Dad will be able to share special time together on Father’s Day putting the photo puzzles together and beyond.

What you will need & instructions:

You will need photos; we printed ours onto plain computer paper, large pop sticks/paddles, pencil, scissors and a glue stick.

  1. Print photos onto plain printing paper and cut them out.  Our photos are approximately 15.5cm x 12 cm.
  2. Turn the photos over and draw a gentle faint line with the pop stick to divide the photo up into parts.  Using the scissor cut along the faint lines.
  3. Spread a thin layer of glue onto the pop stick and gently press the photo part into place.  Try and have the parts of the photo sit central on the pop stick so the photo puzzle will line up and come together more easily.

Photo Puzzles 

We made eight photo puzzles, some of all the kids with their Dad and some of them individually with their Dad.  My girls really wanted one of themselves as well!  They decorated a box to keep all the puzzle pieces in with stickers and a photo on the front.

Now like every year, let’s see how long we can keep it a secret!

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10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Idea: Photo Puzzles”

    1. Thanks Penny, after publishing it I had another thought, you could put some stick-on magnets on the back and put them up on the fridge. I hope Matt has a wonderful Father’s Day and loves his new pressie! x

  1. Very creative idea! Thanks for sharing. You could use this to make lots of different puzzles. I’m sure kids would love to put together puzzles of themselves and their families. Will definitely do this when my kids are a bit older.

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