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Recycled Christmas Card Garland

Simple christmas decorations kids can make

Turn your old christmas cards from last year or the new ones you receive this year into a fabulous Homemade Christmas decoration that the kids can make!  A Recycled Christmas Card Garland is an easy, inexpensive and creative way to bring the colours of Christmas and fun into your home this Christmas.

What you will need?

You will need some old Christmas cards, scissors, a ruler, string and some sticky tape.  We sorted through our christmas cards and separated them for size and shape that would best suit our garland.

Let’s Make 

My two older girls and I had a bit of a system going when we made our Christmas Card Garland.  I would be ruling the lines of the triangle onto the back of the picture side of the card and they would cut them out.  Great cutting and scissor skills practice for them!

To make the Christmas Garland, first we created a stencil by cutting out a triangle on the back of the Christmas card (see photo).  Using the stencil we then traced around it onto the back of picture side of the card.  We then simply cut it out along the lines.

Let’s Create 

When we had enough cards cut out, the girls laid them out in a colour order they liked.  We turned the cards over and sticky taped them to the string.

On Display 

We now have a Christmassy colourful decoration hanging up in our play room!  So simple, so easy and really cheap to make!

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33 thoughts on “Recycled Christmas Card Garland”

  1. Love this Janice!! Had never thought of a garland with the cards…have done a few other things but not this…very clever and it looks so pretty and festive too!

  2. I’ve made a garland with Little Golden Books but this idea is FAB, FAB, FAB!
    Would you believe my Christmas cards are still hanging in the front room from the past few years because i can’t bear to throw them but I don’t know what else to do with them. I think I’ve just found my answer.

  3. Squeee, recycling!

    Now, I don’t send gift cards because I think it’s a waste of trees and it kind of erks me when I get them… because it’s wasting trees BUT now I’ll be a little less erked because I can make this. I LOVE it!

  4. That’s really sweet Janice. I’ve been thinking about what kind of christmas garland to make this year. Unfortunately we don’t really get too many christmas cards. I guess the kids aren’t really old enough yet to get them from school friends. It sure is a nice idea for reusing them though.

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