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Christmas Sensory Fine Motor Bin

Christmas sensory bin filled with pompoms, pipe cleaners, buttons and cupcake cases.

The Christmas Sensory Fine Motor Bin is a fun and engaging activity that provides children with the opportunity to explore all the items in the tub. Children can play creatively and imaginatively in an unstructured way.

The Christmas Sensory Bin also encourages fine motor development with the addition of the scissor scoopers that can be used to catch and scoop items in the sensory tub. The scissor scoopers mimics the action of using a pair of scissors and provides a safe and fun opportunity to develop and strengthen their scissor skills.

What you will need?

Invitation to play with a Christmas Sensory Tub - Christmas Sensory Activity

You will need a small container, Christmas coloured cupcake cases, glitter pompoms and buttons. You will also need pipe cleaners cut into different lengths. The scissor scoopers are optional and could be replaced with spoons or tongs.

You could also add Christmas decorations, tinsel, bells or baubles to the sensory bin.

Let’s Play

Christmas theme sensory bin ideas.

Some Ideas:

  • Scoop and drop buttons and pompoms into cupcake cases.
  • Match colours – scoop and drop red buttons or pompoms into the red cupcake cases, etc.
  • Scoop and catch by size. Sort the different size buttons or pompoms according to size.
  • Count out loud how many pompoms have been caught.
  • Use your hands too to feel and explore!
  • Shake the buttons inside the scoops to create music. Explore all the senses!

Let’s Learn

Christmas sensory tub and fine motor fun activity.

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine motor, control and coordination
  • Scissor skills
  • Concentration
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Problem solving and trial and error – over coming challenges
Christmas theme sensory tub.  Create and explore using the items provided.

Don’t forget to explore all the textures of the sensory bin using your hands!

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