Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft
This Handprint Christmas Tree Craft is a great activity for kids and toddlers and it is so simple to do! 
Creating a Christmas Tree using your kid’s painted handprints makes an adorable decoration for Christmas. 
What You will need?
Green & yellow Paint
Paint brush
A3 coloured card
Glue stick
Large sheet white paper
Handprint Christmas Tree
How to make:
1. With the paint brush, apply green paint to an open hand.
2. Gently press hand onto the white paper. Repeat this until there are a sufficient number of green hand prints.
3. Wash and dry hands.
4. Apply yellow paint to the hands using a paint brush and press gently onto the paper.
5. When hand prints are dry, cut them out and position them into the shape of a tree.
6. When happy with the arrangement, glue onto the coloured card.
Tips & Ideas:
  • Glue on some buttons or pompoms for decorations.
  • You can also decorate your christmas tree with painted finger dots by placing your fingers into coloured paint and dots them onto the handprint christmas tree
  • There are 18 green painted hand prints and 2 yellow displayed in the photo.
  • Using the paint brush to apply the paint to the hands gives a more even coat when pressed onto the paper. There is no excess paint and less mess!
Learning 4 kids 
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  1. Looks great Janice…we are working on something similar although my girls aren’t sharing my joy at the perfect handprints ;)

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