Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Ornaments

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 1

Making Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Ornaments is an open-ended opportunity to play in an unstructured way, allowing children to explore their creativity and imagine.

The Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough heightens the sensory experience and was used to make the play dough ornaments which were then decorated with metallic confetti and sequins.

So simple and so much fun…..and a whole lot of learning and skill building happening too.

A little while back I shared with you an activity we did making Salt Dough Christmas Decorations (Ornaments) for the Christmas tree.  Making Christmas Play Dough Ornaments was inspired by this activity and provided an opportunity for my kids to practice and role play the skills and ideas that they learnt from making the salt dough and their salt dough Christmas ornaments.

What you will need?

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 2

You will need Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough, Christmas Cookie Cutters and Metallic Confetti and Sequins.  I also added three Candy Cane Ornaments from the Christmas tree to add to the creativity.

Click here to view the Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Recipe

Let’s Play

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 3

Role Play: Making Christmas Play Dough Ornaments was very much like making our Salt Dough Ornaments.  It involved kneading the play dough, rolling it out flat and pressing the Christmas cookie cutters into the dough.  Using the candy cane ornament my girls made small holes to imitate the ones we made with a straw on our Salt Dough Ornaments.

Let’s Play Some More 

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 4

Decorating the Play Dough Ornaments was so much fun and I absolutely loved watching the creativity and ideas they came up with.  They came up with so many different patterns with shapes and patterns with colours filling up the space and area provided.

Let’s Learn 

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 5

Benefits of Playing with Play Dough

  • Self-expression
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Building and strengthening fine motor skills
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Problem solving – finding solutions to overcome challenges
  • Social interactions
  • Spatial awareness

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13 thoughts on “Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Ornaments”

  1. Just beautiful! Guess what! I made play dough today! Yes we did! Guess what we’ll be doing this afternoon, a similar activity but using nature I think. Woot!

  2. Gorgeous. Um, guess what activity my daughter was doing this morning? Decorating playdough Christmas trees haha. Not beautifully scented like yours though! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful idea. I love that it’s scented too!!! Kids would love to play with this playdough and keep them busy for hours. Great work.

  4. These are so pretty, and I bet it smells wonderfully Christmassy! I always associate pine with this time of year, lovely to read about the scents that others associate with the season 🙂

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