Learning Tray – Matching Colours

Learning Tray - Matching Colours

What the Activity Involves?

Matching and Sorting Colours with match sticks is fabulous hands-on fine motor learning tray.

It is so simple to set up, colourful, engaging and is sure to grab the attention of any child!

The Matching Colours Learning Tray involves the child sorting the different coloured match sticks and matching them to the relevant coloured section on the Styrofoam block.  When a colour match is made, the child gently presses the match stick into the Styrofoam.  It is a repetitive activity that requires concentration, fine motor control and coordination.

What you will need?

Sorting Match Sticks

You will need a Styrofoam block, coloured paints and coloured match sticks.

Let’s Learn 

Learning Tray Activity - Sorting Colours

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine motor control
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Concentration and problem solving
  • Determination and perseverance to accomplish a task
  • Colours and patterns
  • Matching, sorting and classifying
Fine Motor Learning Tray

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3 thoughts on “Learning Tray – Matching Colours”

  1. You always seem to come up with the best ways to learn colours. Miss Platypus and Panda are almost ready for this activity and with Miss Poss going to school in a few days *sob* its the *sob* perfect time to start teaching them.

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