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Number Sort with 10 Frames

Sorting Numbers using printable numbers cards with tens frames.  These number characters are too cute!

Number Sort with 10 Frames is a fun, hands on activity to play and learn with numbers. It sets a challenge of searching for specific numbers amongst a jumble of numbers and matching them to the Printable Number Mats.

I originally made these Printable Number Mats with tens frame to use with play dough for a multi-sensory, tactile learning experience but they have been so useful and easy to incorporate into other play opportunities.

Using magnetic numbers we created a number sort that involves counting, recognising numbers, sorting and matching numbers onto the Printable Number Mats. The tens frame plays an important role of exposing children to how many and the value of that number. It also provides an opportunity to count out loud.

What you will need?

Printable Number Mats for Number Sorting Activity

You will need magnetic numbers and our printable Number Mats.

We have laminated our Number Mats for more durability and re-use them again in other activities.

The Number Mats are available in Cursive Print (as shown in the picture) or in Standard Print.

Let’s Play

Number sort activity with tens frame

Some Ideas:

  • Search, sort and classify the numbers onto the matching number mats.
  • Trace your finger over the number, drawing the shape of the number.
  • Point and count how many dots are in the tens frame. Place magnetic numbers that match onto the tens frame dots. Count them out loud. We placed any extra numbers at the top of the number mat as shown on mat number 2 in the photo above.
  • With younger children who are not ready for numbers 0-9, start with numbers 0-3 or 0-5. Increase the number mats as the children’s number understanding develops.
  • Talk about each number, what they look like and their shape.

Let’s Learn

Number activity, recognising numbers using printable number mats

Learning Opportunities

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Concentration
  • Mathematics – number recognition and sorting by number.
  • Fine Motor Development – manipulating objects.
  • Language development – Counting our loud number sequence and pronunciation of numbers.
  • Mathematics – Recognising numbers and value of numbers.
  • Visualisation and memory
  • Problem solving – searching for the correct (number) shape.
Learning numbers 0-9 Number sort activity using a tens frame

Available in our online shop:

Standard Print Number Play dough Mats

You can download our Printable Number Mats through our Learning 4 Kids online shop.

The Number Mats are available in two different fonts, Cursive Print and in Standard Print is available here.

Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Cursive Print Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Standard Print Alphabet Play Doug Mats

Purchase both together

Purchase the Alphabet and Number Play Dough Mats as a set together.

Number & Alphabet Play Dough Mats – Cursive Print

Number & Alphabet Play Dough Mats – Standard Print

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