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Invaitation to Play with Shapes - learning4kids

Shape Toss:  Shape Toss is fun and exciting game that gets kids active and learning about shapes.  Read more….

Learning shapes with play dough

Learning About Shapes with Play Dough:  Play Dough is such a fun learning tool to play with and explore new concepts.  With Miss 2 learning about shapes at the moment, I thought it would be fun for her to play and discover shapes using play dough. The ideas and possibilities are endless!  Read more…..

Sticky Easel Play Prompt - Sorting Shapes

Sticky Easel Play Prompt – Sorting Shapes: Using an easel covered with sticky contact is a wonderful creative tool and canvas that will entice kids to play and learn about shapes. Read more…..

Shape Activities for Kids

Hidden Shapes in the Salt Tray – What shapes can you find hidden in the salt tray?  Sifting and searching through the salt with a paint brush to find them.  Read more…..

Bubble Wrap Painting - Learning Shapes

Bubble Wrap Painting & Learning About Shapes: Bubble wrap is great for creating interesting patterns and shapes with paint. Here is an activity using bubble wrap painting and learning your shapes too! Read more…..

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