Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Ornaments

Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 1

Making Play Dough Christmas Ornaments with Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough is an open-ended opportunity to play in an unstructured way, allowing children to explore their creativity and imagine.
The Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough heightens the sensory experience and was used to make the play dough ornaments which were then decorated with metallic confetti and sequins. 
So simple and so much fun…..and a whole lot of learning and skill building happening too.
A little while back I shared with you an activity we did making Salt Dough Christmas Decorations (Ornaments) for the Christmas tree.  Making Christmas Play Dough Ornaments was inspired by this activity and provided an opportunity for my kids to practice and role play the skills and ideas that they learnt from making the salt dough and their salt dough Christmas ornaments.
What you will need?
Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 2
You will need Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough, Christmas Cookie Cutters and Metallic Confetti and Sequins.  I also added three Candy Cane Ornaments from the Christmas tree to add to the creativity.
Click here to view the Minty Candy Cane Scented Play Dough Recipe
Let’s Play
Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 3
Role Play: Making Christmas Play Dough Ornaments was very much like making our Salt Dough Ornaments.  It involved kneading the play dough, rolling it out flat and pressing the Christmas cookie cutters into the dough.  Using the candy cane ornament my girls made small holes to imitate the ones we made with a straw on our Salt Dough Ornaments.
Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 4
Decorating the Play Dough Ornaments was so much fun and I absolutely loved watching the creativity and ideas they came up with.  They came up with so many different patterns with shapes and patterns with colours filling up the space and area provided.
Christmas Play Dough Ornaments 5
Benefits of Playing with Play Dough
  • Self-expression
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Building and strengthening fine motor skills
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Problem solving – finding solutions to overcome challenges
  • Social interactions
  • Spatial awareness
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Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Salt Dough Ornaments
We’ve been making Salt Dough Christmas Decorations (ornaments) for our Christmas tree.  They are so much fun and super easy to make! The most wonderful thing about making salt dough decorations is that it is great for all ages to participate in and the final product is something that you can keep and treasure for many years to come.
You will need salt dough, baking paper, rolling pin, Christmas theme cookie cutters and straws.
Click here to find out how to make salt dough:  Easy Salt Dough Recipe
  1. After preparing and making the Salt Dough, place a ball of the dough onto a sheet of cooking paper and roll our flat with a rolling pin.  The cooking paper helps make it easier to transfer onto an oven later.
  2. Press christmas shape cookie cutters into the flattened salt dough
  3. Using the straw place a small hole into the salt dough.  This hole will later be used to thread a piece of string or ribbon through it for hanging.
  4. Place in the oven and bake until completely harden.  Some browning will occur and this is fine because we plan to paint our Salt Dough Christmas Decorations.
The wonderful thing about making Salt Dough Decorations is that it can can spread it out and make them over a period of a few days.  We decided to paint our hardened and cooked salt dough decorations outside because it was a beautiful evening.  Sprinkling on some glitter onto the wet paint adds a nice touch to the decorations.  When the paint was dry, using a black permanent marker pen, I carefully wrote each child’s name and the year they made them on the back of the decoration.  I am sure that years to come they will enjoy looking back on the things they had made.
We thread a piece of ribbon through the hole that was made using the straw earlier and tied a knot to create a loop for hanging.  My kids hung them onto our christmas tree and they look absolutely wonderful, adding a personal touch to our christmas tree.
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Paper Plate Christmas Masks

Kids will have lots of fun making and playing with these Reindeer and Santa Paper Plate Masks as it encourages imaginative play and creativity.  These masks are super easy to make and require a basic paper plate as the base, simple craft materials and our free printables reindeer ears and santa hat which are available for printing below. 
how to make a reindeer mask
You will need:
Large paper plate
Reindeer ears: Click here to download and print – Printable Reindeer Ears
Brown paint, crayons or textas
Sticky tape & scissors
Large red pompom
Large pop stick paddle
Black marker pen
How to make?
  1. Paint the paper plate and reindeer ears brown.  Allow the paint to dry.
  2. Cut out small eye holes in the paper plate and draw on the mouth.
  3. Cut out the reindeer ears and sticky tape to the top of the paper plate.  Also sticky tape the large pop stick at the bottom of the paper plate.
  4. Sticky tape the red pompom for the Reindeer nose.
how to make a santa mask
You will need:
Large paper plate
Santa hat: Click here to download and print – Printable Santa’s Hat
Red paint, crayons or textas
Kids PVA craft glue and sticky tape
Cotton wool balls
Large pop stick paddle
Scissors & black marker pen
How to make?
  1. Paint the Santa hat red, leaving the cotton wool areas white.  While waiting for the paint to dry cut out holes for the eyes in the paper plate and draw on a nose.
  2. Cut out the Santa hat and sticky tape it to the top of the paper plate.  Also sticky tape the large pop stick at the bottom for the handle.
  3. Apply glue to the cotton wool areas and shred the cotton with fingers.  Apply thinly to the wet glue.
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Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft
This Handprint Christmas Tree Craft is a great activity for kids and toddlers and it is so simple to do! 
Creating a Christmas Tree using your kid’s painted handprints makes an adorable decoration for Christmas. 
What You will need?
Green & yellow Paint
Paint brush
A3 coloured card
Glue stick
Large sheet white paper
Handprint Christmas Tree
How to make:
1. With the paint brush, apply green paint to an open hand.
2. Gently press hand onto the white paper. Repeat this until there are a sufficient number of green hand prints.
3. Wash and dry hands.
4. Apply yellow paint to the hands using a paint brush and press gently onto the paper.
5. When hand prints are dry, cut them out and position them into the shape of a tree.
6. When happy with the arrangement, glue onto the coloured card.
Tips & Ideas:
  • Glue on some buttons or pompoms for decorations.
  • You can also decorate your christmas tree with painted finger dots by placing your fingers into coloured paint and dots them onto the handprint christmas tree
  • There are 18 green painted hand prints and 2 yellow displayed in the photo.
  • Using the paint brush to apply the paint to the hands gives a more even coat when pressed onto the paper. There is no excess paint and less mess!
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FREE Christmas Activities eBook

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Last year when Learning4kids was still in the early stages of starting up, I created a FREE ebook to share with readers as a way to say thanks and to also celebrate the launch of my little blog.  Today I want to share this same ebook with you as a token to share my thanks for your support and encouragement of learning4kids.  Some of you have been with us right from the start, others a little shorter and some who have just discovered us but all the same it really warms my heart to see that you are here cheering me on and enjoying learning4kids– thank you!!  I am just so thrilled you have found us and joining in with our many play times here on learning4kids. 
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Inside the Christmas Activities ebook you will find 35 pages of Christmas craft ideas, recipes and printable pages for the kids.  I have not updated the ebook to include newer activities and play ideas that I have been posting recently.  If you are looking more ideas, click here – LIST OF CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES 
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