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Sorting Coloured Pompoms

Sorting coloured Pompoms – Sorting Coloured Pompoms Learning Tray involves the child sorting different coloured pompoms using miniature tongs and matching them to the relevant coloured jar.  Read more…

Learning Tray - Matching Colours

Matching Colours – The Matching Colours Learning Tray involves the child sorting the different coloured match sticks and matching them to the relevant coloured section on the Styrofoam block.  When a colour match is made, the child gently presses the match stick into the Styrofoam.  Read more…..

Fine Motor Learning Tray Activities

Thread Beads – Threading beads onto pipe cleaners is a fabulous fine motor learning tray activity for toddlers and kids. It is so simple to set up, colourful, engaging and is sure to grab the attention of any child!  Read more…..

Shape Activities for Kids

Hidden Shapes Salt Tray – What shapes can you find hidden in the salt tray? Sifting and searching through the salt with a paint brush to find them.  Read more…..

Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray– Why would you need crayons, textas, pencils and paper to draw when you can have more fun with a Rainbow Salt Tray!  Read more…..

For lots more Learning Tray Activities <CLICK HERE>

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