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Science Fun - Dancing Sultanas

Dancing Sultanas:  What will happen if we placed sultanas into a glass of soda water? Watch and be amazed!!!  Dancing Sultanas is a super easy and fun science activity for kids! It is so simple to set up and only requires basic materials.  Read more…..

Absorption Activities

Absorption Science Fun Experiment:  Placing white roses into coloured water is a great science activity to demonstrate absorption.  Children will be amazed and excited to see the changes developing in the petals of the flowers. Read more….

Easy science experiments for kids

How to make Hanging Crystals?:   Stalactites and stalagmites are formed in caves by water dripping or flowing from fractures on the roof of the cave. To try and imitate this we set up an experiment to grow salt crystals hanging from a string of wool.   Read more…..

Milk Numbers:   We  made these milk numbers by mixing milk and vinegar together.  It is an interesting science experiment to try with the kids with some very surprising result.  Read more…..

How to make a Homemade Volcano?  Watching a homemade volcano erupt is a very exciting experience for young children as they watch and learn about the amazing power of these geological formations.

Making your own homemade volcano is really simple and requires basic material that you can find around the home.  Read more…..

Making Honeycomb, Exploring Bi-Carbonate Soda:  After making our Homemade Volcano and watching the excitement on my kids’ faces as the vinegar and bicarbonate soda reacted together, I thought I would extend the fun, fizzing and frothing into the kitchen by making some simple homemade honeycomb.   Read more…..

Ice Boats, Floating and Sinking:  Water and ice are great for sensory play with kids as it engages children into a world of exploration and wonder. To make our water and ice sensory play experience a little more fun we turned the ice blocks into boats with a few simple materials.  There is so much science to be explored with water and ice!  Read more…..

How to make a foaming monster

How to make a Foaming Monster?:  Why does it bubble? The reaction between the vinegar and bicarb soda makes carbon dioxide, which causes tiny bubbles to form. Why does it come out its mouth? The dish liquid mixed with the vinegar/bicarb combination causes a reaction that makes the foam pour out of the monster’s mouth.   Read more…..

Ice World: Ice World is a sensory activity for toddlers and pre-school children involving playing with ice, water and sea theme props. Read more…..

How to make Gloop? If you haven’t made Gloop yet, then this is a must for any toddler or child to try. It is super fun and super messy, I am not sure who had the most fun, me or the kids!! Gloop is an interesting mixture with a unique texture to explore and play with. Playing with Gloop is a fabulous sensory and science activity to learn about the concepts of what a solid and liquid is.  Read more…..

Skeletons – Pre School Science:   Plunged into some preschool science and introduced ourselves to the world of skeletons and bones.  Read more…..

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

My name is Janice and I am an Early Childhood Teacher in Australia.

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