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Rainbow Activities for Toddlers & Kids

Rainbow Activities for Toddlers and Kids

Here is a list of rainbow activities and learning experiences for toddlers and kids.   You will find rainbow crafts, sensory play, fine motor activities and so much more to make and do with rainbows!

With spring arriving here in Australia I thought it would be a good time to collate and share some of my favourite rainbow theme activities that we have done here on learning4kids.  I think rainbows would have to be one of my most favourite themes and I hope to continue to add to this collection.

Science Fun: Absorption and Making Rainbow Roses

Absorption Activities

Placing white roses into coloured water is a great science activity to demonstrate absorption.  Children will be amazed and excited to see the changes developing in the petals of the flowers.   Read more…

Make your own Salt dough Rainbow

salt dough activity ideas

Making your own Salt Dough Rainbow is a great way of creating a homemade toy for your child to play with.

Shaping the salt dough into a rainbow and cooking it hardens the dough, which then can be painted and used as a toy.  The salt dough rainbow acts a bit like a puzzle where children are required to reconstruct and put the rainbow back together by looking at the shape and size of the coloured arches.   Read more….

Rainbow Salt Tray 

A Rainbow Salt Tray is a great activity for kids of all ages.  Why would you need crayons, textas, pencils and paper to draw when you can have more fun with a Rainbow Salt Tray?  Read more here

Sensory Play with Rainbow Jelly 

Ooey, gooey, slushy and messy!  A fun sensory experience playing with Rainbow Jelly, read more here  

Rainbow Collage 

Adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create a rainbow collage!  Read more here

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow 

A gorgeous little craft activity to create a 3 dimensional rainbow!  Read more here  

Fruity Loopy Rainbow 

All the colours of the rainbow in a box of breakfast cereal! Kids will have so much fun creating a rainbow using Froot Loops while sneaking one or two in the mouth.  Read more here  

Rainbow Sensory Rice Bags 

Bright, colourful, no mess and fun – sensory play with rainbow coloured rice in zip lock bags.  Read more here  

Rainbow Rice in a Cup 

Make your very own rainbows in a cup using coloured rice.  Read more here  

Rainbow Rice & Bottle Tops 

Using Rainbow Rice and Bottle Tops to create an open-ended, unstructured activity and see what the kids create while playing with these props.  Read more here  

Paper Plate Rainbow 

Using simple craft materials to create a Paper Plate Rainbow!  Kids will enjoy swishing the rainbow through the air while listening to their favourite rainbow songs.  Read more here  

Paint a Rainbow 

Getting the paints out to explore the colours of the rainbow and sing your favourite rainbow songs as you paint away. Read more here

Puffy Paint

How to make puffy paint?

Make a rainbow using Homemade Puffy Paint.  For the full recipe and instructions click here….

Enjoy the rainbow activities!!

15 thoughts on “Rainbow Activities for Toddlers & Kids”

  1. So many fun ideas! I love your pipecleaner rainbow! You have reminded me i have wanted to do some jelly play for a while…lovely roundup…thanks for sharing Janice!

  2. I would thoroughly recommend Rainbow Jelly for children and the young at heart. I prepared this for my son’s 5th birthday party, ensured the children were in smocks, and watched them all enjoy playing with the rainbow jelly colours… Just keep an eye on the more boisterous of the children, as a “jelly fight” can erupt quite quickly!

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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