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A to Z Alphabet Letter Activities, Art and Craft

A to Z Alphabet Letter Activities, Art and Craft

On this page you will find A to Z Alphabet Letter Activities and Art and Craft.

***We are currently updating this page regularly and hope to have each Alphabet Letter offering a range of activities and crafts.***

Please click on the links to take you to the full post for each letter, here you will find the full instructions and more photos to assist you with the activity.

Letter A Activities & Craft Ideas 

A is for Apple – Paper Plate Apple Craft

Letter A Treasure Hunt

Letter A Puzzle and Match Printable

A is for Apple Printing

Tracing and Spot the Letter A Game

Learning Letter Sounds – A

Letter B Activities & Craft Ideas 

B is for Buttons, Blue & Bear – Teddy Bear Play Dough Mat

B is for Button Match Printable

Blue Bubble Wrap Printing Letter Bb 

Mystery Bag Letter B Sound Sort 

Brown Bear Bubble Wrap Painting

B is for Blue – Blue Activities

Letter C Activities & Craft Ideas 

C is for Counting Cool Cars Craft

C is for Cotton Clouds – Inspired by the book Little Cloud by Eric Carle

C is for Cloud in a Jar

C is for Cloud Dough – Sensory Play

C is for Cloud Spotting on the Easel

Letter D Activities & Craft Ideas 

D is for Digging for Spaghetti Worms in Dirt

D is for Making Dinosaur Fossils

Play Dough Dinosaur Printing

D is for Digging for Dinosaur Fossils Sensory Bin

Letter E Activities & Craft Ideas 

E is for Elmer the Elephant – Counting Activity

Letter F Activities & Craft Ideas 

The Rainbow Fish Play Dough

F is for Feather Fish Painting

Letter G Activities & Craft Ideas 

G is for Guitar – Make a Homemade Guitar

G is for Green – Green Activities

Letter H Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter I Activities & Craft Ideas 

I is for Melting Insects in Ice

I is for Insect Prints in Play Dough

Letter J Activities & Craft Ideas 

J is for Jelly – Jelly Sensory Play

J is for Jelly Play Dough

Letter K Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter L Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter M Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter N Activities & Craft Ideas 

N is for Newspaper Collage and Night Sky

N is for Noodle Necklace

Letter O Activities & Craft Ideas 

O is for Orange – Orange Activities

O is for Orange Scented Play Dough

Letter P Activities & Craft Ideas 

P is for Painting with Pompoms

P is for Pink – Pink Activities

Letter Q Activities & Craft Ideas 

Q is for Quilt – Letter Q Activity

Q is for Q-Tip – Letter Q Activity

Letter R Activities & Craft Ideas 

R is for Rain – Making a Rain Craft

R is for Red – Red Activities

Letter S Activities & Craft Ideas 

S is for make Sensory Sand Foam

S is for Spaghetti Sensory Play

Letter T Activities & Craft Ideas 

T is for Tiger Craft

T is for Tiger Tea Party Sensory Story Retell

Letter U Activities & Craft Ideas 

U is for Umbrella – Printable Letter U

Letter V Activities & Craft Ideas 

V is for Vanilla Play Dough

Letter W Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter X Activities & Craft Ideas 

Letter Y Activities & Craft Ideas 

Y is for Yellow – Yellow Activities

Letter Z Activities & Craft Ideas 

Z is for Zig Zag Zebra Play Dough Activity

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